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Meet Flippin Bird

Some people shrivel away in the midst of adversity. We rise to the occasion. Flippin Bird Brands, from the makers of Scofflaw Beer, saw the chaos of 2020 as an opportunity. It’s time we bring some color back into this world, stick it to the man, and flip conformity on its head. Try something new and stand out from the flock!


Pink Vodka


Clear Vodka


Pink Gin

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transfusion cans

Transfusion RTD

Get rid of the BS of mixing your own drinks – we got you covered. Perfect for flippin’ off with friends or chilling on the green. You might actually need a transfusion after this one.

Where to Buy

Find Flippin’ Bird vodka, gin and canned cocktails at our homebase at Scofflaw Brewery plus several more locations across the Southeast!


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